VR Glasses

The VR Glasses we produce are great complements to the experience of watching movies. It's easy to put your smartphone into it, and it's easy to operate and use. It has an innovative naked-eye panel and is very safe to dissipate heat. Mobile phone installation is simple and convenient. It is comfortable to wear, can wear glasses directly, or you can see what you want to see with the naked eye. This product is stylish, easy to clean and stain resistant.
It makes your phone more convenient to place, and the left and right screens are more centered. It supports 4.0-6 inch phones. Its optional colors are black and white. In addition, we can also provide more colors, such as red, blue, yellow or orange. It has an adjustable FOV and can be rotated by the head. The adjustable pupil distance is suitable for different people. It has louvers and can be used for mobile phones. Among many professional vr glasses manufacturers and suppliers in China, C-STAR is equipped with a productive factory. Welcome to buy or wholesale vr glasses made in China from us.