Balance Scooter - 6.5 Inch

The Balance Scooter - 6.5 Inch we produce uses self-balancing technology, which uses the gyroscope and accelerometer inside the car body to detect changes in the attitude of the car body, and uses the servo control system to accurately drive the motor to adjust accordingly to maintain the system's balance. It is a two-wheeled electric car. It conforms to the body's own balance system. When the body's center of gravity is leaning forward, in order to ensure balance, it is necessary to move forward, and the center of gravity should be the same.
Its tire production cover protects the tires. The tires used in the product are natural rubber tires, so it has special and wear-resistant particles to prevent slipping. In addition, its non-slip rubber pedals are also good for your ride. It uses self-balancing technology and features special features such as gyroscopes and gravity sensors. The dual motor keeps the dual power supply balanced and moving. It is a revolutionary personal transportation green product that can be easily carried on a bus or subway. It provides tilt protection, speed limit protection, and low battery protection. Among many professional balance scooter - 6.5 inch manufacturers and suppliers in China, C-STAR is equipped with a productive factory. Welcome to buy or wholesale balance scooter - 6.5 inch made in China from us.
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