Smart Balance Wheel

The Smart Balance Wheels we produce make full use of raw materials such as motherboards, gyroscopes, motors, Samsung original batteries and smart safety technology to greatly improve product safety. Therefore, the user of the product does not have to worry about accidental burning or explosion. This product is compact, lightweight and durable. We use a lighter, stronger magnesium alloy as the skeleton, which is more resistant to impact loads than ordinary aluminum alloys.
This product uses a well-designed self-balancing technique to make riding safer. There is no cover at the bottom, so you can get off at any time to reduce accidental injuries. It has a long life, widened tires, heavy load, non-slip feet, anti-shake system, power protection, ultra-quiet design, and super power output. This product uses the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the car body to detect changes in the attitude of the car body, and uses the servo control system to accurately drive the motor to adjust accordingly to maintain the balance of the system. It is a new type of green tool used by modern people as a means of transportation and recreation. Among many professional smart balance wheel manufacturers and suppliers in China, C-STAR is equipped with a productive factory. Welcome to buy or wholesale smart balance wheel made in China from us.
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