Smart Balance Wheel With Handle

The Smart Balance Wheel With Handle we produce is equipped with a handle that can control the forward and backward, left and right sides. The handlebar is made of special aerospace aluminum alloy, so the control shaft is light in weight and excellent in compressive strength. The digital screen on the top of the handle accurately shows the speed, power and range, giving you more information about the status of the scooter. High quality pneumatic tires and motor design provide better stability. Durable rubber tires are suitable for all terrains.
Self-balancing scooters are ideal for their tilt and steering mechanism sensors. LED lighting indicator, high brightness, to ensure night driving safety issues. Aluminium rods are rugged, non-deformable and adjustable. Its handle has a special pattern to increase friction, feel comfortable and non-slip. The charging port and the switch have a protective cover, which is waterproof and dustproof, and effectively prevents a short circuit in rainy days or a water leakage accident during charging. Among many professional smart balance wheel with handle manufacturers and suppliers in China, C-STAR is equipped with a productive factory. Welcome to buy or wholesale smart balance wheel with handle made in China from us.