Parts Of Scooter

The components of our Parts Of Scooter are Smart Balance Wheel Reticule, Smart Balance Wheel Protective Clothing, and Smart Balance Wheel Case. The fabric of the Smart Balance Wheel Reticule is a 600D high-strength, tear-resistant oxford fabric with a waterproof glue on the back for protection against rain. This backpack is a special bag for two-wheel balance. The overall shape of the entire backpack is completely cut by the balance wheel, and the fit rate is 90%. Its very beautiful and stylish and sleek minimalist style is designed for the balance wheel, making it an ideal choice for your outing. Smart Balance Wheel Protective Clothing uses thickened advanced materials, good breathability, waterproof and windproof performance, strong wear resistance, sleek and simple, comfortable to wear.
The wristband is made of PE cold-resistant material and has a strong outer casing design, which is more wear-resistant and impact-resistant. Like the wristband, the PE casing is made of PE cold-resistant material for an effective cushioning bowl design that creates an effective buffer zone. With this curvature design, the high load energy due to the impact force is absorbed in a balanced manner to protect the user's elbows and knees. The Smart Balance Wheel Reticule is a special protective cover for the balance that protects your balance. It has a variety of look options to showcase your personality. Among many professional parts of scooter manufacturers and suppliers in China, C-STAR is equipped with a productive factory. Welcome to buy or wholesale parts of scooter made in China from us.