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Why Are Electric Bike Everywhere In China Rarely Seen In Japan?

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Dec 28, 2018

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The development of transportation has a long history. The earliest time in China was to regard carriages and boats as the most important means of travel. Later, with the technological revolution in the world, aircraft, steam trains and cars appeared. Nowadays, there are many vehicles in the city, like buses, subways, private cars and electric bikes. Some cities, such as Dalian, also have trams, Among these vehicles, the most convenient one is the electric bike, the most common in Chinese cities is electric bikes, There is a strange phenomenon, Is the electric bike that can be seen everywhere in China, why is it rare in Japan?

The reason why electric bikes are popular in China is that private cars can't afford them, and now the city is particularly blocked. In some time, driving has not yet walked fast. And if there is no parking space, the parking fee is also a lot of money. Then talk about the bus, the advantage of the bus is cheap, in addition to cheap there is no other advantage. Because the bus is a public transport, it is necessary to take as many places as possible when considering the route, so it takes a long time to take a bus from one place to another.

In the case of the subway, there are some places in the city that do not have access to the subway, so the subway is not very convenient. Therefore, most people in China will choose electric bikes to travel. Why is it an electric bike instead of a motorcycle? This is because the electric bike is charged, as long as it is charged at home the day before, but if it is a motorcycle, it is more troublesome to go to the gas station to refuel. There are also many cities that prohibit motorcycles from entering the city. You may like motorcycles very much, but you are not allowed to ride, and you have no choice.

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But Japan is different. Japan is allowed to ride a motorcycle in the city. And think riding a motorcycle is a cool behavior. Plus the price of a taxi in Japan is very expensive. If you want to go to a place very quickly, having your own motorcycle is the best. Moreover, motorcycles are much faster than electric bikes, and many people in Japan like motorcycles. Coupled with the fast pace of life in Japan, sometimes it may be too busy to forget to charge the electric bike, and the motorcycle can be used for a longer period of time after adding the oil. Therefore, the Japanese prefer to ride a motorcycle in the city, while the Chinese prefer to ride an electric bike.

Seeing here, the reason why electric bikes are rarely seen in Japan is mainly because they are more convenient to ride motorcycles. In fact, there are different habits in different parts of our country, let alone between countries.