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Who Is The Winner In Scooter Market Depending On The Concentration?

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

The half past of this year have passed! The scooter market hasn’t revived from silence of the Spring Festival. After holding out the finance, the little famous factories are planning to do other big thing and to release the inconsequential press . Unknown manufacturers are doing baidu bidding for promotion and counting the agency fees to calculate carefully. There is a little of economic power agents brush the circle of friends at the same time. No economic strength agents have to start off another career and say goodbye with scooter. The media almost lose the passion of scooter. But of course Ialucard scooter will love you as usual. There are lack of factors to stimulate the laymen in all industry(It’s not much before). All the industry is peaceful.

But nowaday in the market you must be full of passion otherwise you will be defeated by other competitiors. This is a competition year for scooter industry in 2017. The profit is so little that many many manufacturers of scooter can’t afford the pressures so that they are failure.

Disappeared manufacturers

In the competition environment, Shanzhai companies disappear quickly. But there is no little influence to the market. In” Anna Karenina” Tolstoy begins with the following passgae;” happy families are always alike; each unhappy family is different”. But it’s absolutely different in scooter market. The reasons of success for enterprises are to deal with the unique problems to gain the monopoly. Otherwise the reasons of failure are the same because they make mistakes on the other people’s road.

Influenced  manufacturers

The age is end in which some of the enterprises with begining advantage get rapid profit from early monopoly. But more regretly that they didn’t become an definite monoply in industry because they didn’t put more energy on improving patent better 10 times, even 100 times than others.

Leaved of manufacturers

Making profit is the purpose of agents. Because the sunk cost is lower, the senstive to the market is more. But pls take it easy that there won’t be short of companies in this market.

As the one of Ialucard, I’d like to say that the hope of the scooter market is still exist.

Segway, depending on its early monopoly, has been doing well in the past decade. Therefore how to dominate the niche scooter market is the problem that domestic enterprises need to consider and it’s also the law of survival. Forget about blind competition. Competition will make you overvalue the opportunities of the past and repeat the past pattern. It will distract you from other things. The gap of each manufacturers is not big for the most of scooter manufacturers, and the development space is still obvious. The next step is to see how you get the “monopoly”.

If you are more focus on the market, the future will belong to you.