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Try Our Best To Achieve Our Balance Scooter Goals

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 06, 2016

Try our best to achieve our smart balance scooter goals

                                                   ——The C-STAR in THE HUNDRED GROUP BATTLE

In the gold and cool season in autumn for harvest, C-STAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED is on the way of harvest too. Our company are joining in the PK activity of THE HUNDRED GROUP BATTLE from 26th-August to 25th-September.In this beautiful season,C-STAR reap a good harvest, and shows the good appearance to others. Now this activity is more than half of time, our solders are devoting their all mind into this battle. In the past half of month, we experienced the low mood, faltered, but we had the happiness of success eventually. 

In the first week of this activity, our colleague seemed to be at the loss, but they had the courage to fight as young people are fearless without any preparation for this PK activity. In the first four days, our solders made only one order for our company, however other companies were showing their orders constantly. So what we could do was just watched over, the downturn was full of our office, and everyone was so anxious. Although we were eager to get orders, we seemed to have no way to change that. Watching over the goals far away from us, we started to review ourselves by compared with others. And we found that we are not good as we thought, even we began to feel inferior and doubt if we have the ability to beyond ourselves. Eventually, on the eighth day, a new sale of our company broke this low atmosphere up. She not only got a big order, but also was the first person to beyond her goal of this PK activity. And everyone was inspired by this order and decided to try their best to catch up. 

The working time

The wonderful time of afternoon tea

Under the great pressure, everyone makes a effort to go into the second week of PK. On the first day of the second week, the manager arranged a meeting to encourage our solders. At the meeting, everyone analyses and conclude their own self, and plans to achieve the goal step by step. The manager sets a list of awards for our solders. We make the preparation for this battle and make our aim clear, and make plans to increase our strength to win this fight beautifully. After this meeting, for the support from our C-STAR families, for the honor of being a champion, for the awards of achieving goals, solders are full of will to fight. Everyone fights this PK out for the dreaming. In this week, everyone worked overtime to 2  1 :00. Someone even worked overtime to 2300 ,and even replied the clients at three or four in the morning. Even though she was sleeping, she plaid her computer by her side so that she could reply the messages as soon as possible. The company has been in the situation that all are fighting for this PK. So in the second week, solders do not fail others and create their own achievement, and create brilliant of company.

Believe that our company will win our own success under the struggle of every one. Every person of our company will try their best to achieve the goals all month without rest. Beyond the  self, never stop!C-STAR, fighting!