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Trouble Sharing Electric Bike Into The UK Market

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Although the American shared travel company Lime has been in trouble for a long time, it does not seem to affect its footsteps in expanding the market. The recent crash of the car body has not ended. Lime has taken the lead in launching a shared electric bicycle at the Milton Keynes Shopping Centre in the UK. service.

Shared electric bike.jpg

Shared electric bike company Lime entered the UK market recently

It is understood that Lime's shared electric bicycles in the UK are charged at £1 each time, and then the cost per minute is 15 pence. Lime also plans to enter more UK cities in the coming weeks.

According to the data provided by Lime, Lime has already served 11.5 million passengers in 14 months, and has settled in more than 100 European and American cities. It will add 50 cities before the end of the year.

Lime Shared electric scooter.jpg

The San Francisco City Traffic Management Department refused to issue an electric skateboard license due to a broken car body

However, Lime has been surveyed by regulators, especially after the breakdown of its vehicles, San Francisco's traffic control department has rejected Lime's electric scooter license application.