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Three Major Points Of Hoverboard Balance Scooter Market Development In The Future

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

Global authoritative data analysis website Technavio's latest report on the global self balancing scooter market points out three key trends that affect the balance car market. These three will play an important role in balancing the development of the car market. "Low barriers to entry" is the most important reason for the self balancing scooter market. There are many suppliers selling self balancing vehicles on the market, but they don't produce it by themselves. Most of the self balancing scooter are manufactured in China, while China's manufacturing industry is also very quick to master new technologies. China supply chain is very concentrated, so a new product can find a large number of willing to enterprises producing the product in a short time, Technavio is in charge of man-machine interface manager Navin Rajendra, to evaluate the balance scooter market.

There are 3 key factors in the balance scooter market:

1. Suppliers are able to establish efficient product supply chain or not

2 . The development of wireless charging technology for balancing scooter

3, the city public charging station is perfect

Effective product supply chain
The status quo of the self balancing scooter market is that many different suppliers operate without an organized market. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish between quality and quality. In addition, companies with independent designs or their own R & D departments are also very few.

Establish an effective product supply chain, suppliers can ensure high quality products. Build retail shop, increase user base, enlarge whole balanced car market thereby. In addition to these, suppliers should also provide comprehensive after-sales service. The strategy behind this strategy is to give consumers confidence in the product. Establishing a sales network that minimizes risk and walks ahead of time is the top priority for all suppliers.

Wireless charging technology

Wireless charging technology has become more and more common in the smart phone field, and the wireless charging of two wheel balanced scooter is also expected by consumers. Technavio experts predict that by 2018, wireless chargers will be sold as accessories for electric scooter, With wireless charging scooter, users will travel more frequently.

For office workers, if the subway, railway stations, bus stations, companies and other public places can provide wireless charging, which will solve the battery capacity of the scooter, limiting travel troubles. The idea can also ease traffic congestion in the city.

Perfection of public charging station

A two wheeled vehicle on a single charge can go to travel 15 to 20 kilometers, the short distance commuter general enough, but in the long run, self balance car may become a lot of people daily commuting tools, distance limitations must be overcome. To this end, self balancing scooter companies should jointly build self balancing vehicle charging site. The site can be compatible with all models of self balancing vehicles and charge them.