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The Usage Of The Electric Balance Hoverboard

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 06, 2016

Step-by-step guide to using the balancing board

Before using the balancing board for the first time, users must read all the instructions thoroughly so they understand the safest way to ride


Step 1: Gently press the on/off button to power the Balancing Board up.

Step 2: Place a foot on one of the foot pads, wait for the indicator to light up, and then stand on the other foot pad with your other foot.

Step 3: Once you are standing stably on the board, use your center of gravity to direct which way the balancing scooter moves-lean forwards or backwards to move to that direction, or free spin-but make sure you dont lean too much.


Note: The balance scooter must not be used if its not balanced. If its not completely horizontal, it will sound out a warning when you step on it and the balance board will enter automatic balance protection mode.


Using your balancing board safely


Step 4: Use the board to turn right and left.

Step 5: Get off the balancing board, and step off to the rear of the balancing board with one foot first, and the step off with the other.


Note: Do not make and abrupt turns while moving at high speeds, as this could be dangerous.


Do not turn the balancing board while traversing an incline, ans this could cause the scooter to lose balance.


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Image: move forward on your right foot to turn left, and move forward on your left to turn right.

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