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The National Brand Plan Is Suspected Of Illegal Advertising, Electric Bike Brand Suffers

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jan 18, 2019

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In China, Most of the friends of the "CCTV National Brand Project" may have heard of it. An electric bike brand has been selected into the national brand project for three consecutive years. This year, a new brand has been selected into the national brand project. So far, two brands have been selected in the electric bike industry.

However, the State Administration of Markets has recently talked about the CCTV National Brand Project on the suspected advertising violations.

The "Advertising Law" clearly stipulates that it is forbidden to use the terms of the state organs and "national level" in advertising, and the "national brand project" actually achieves the purpose of "national level" brand promotion, which is easy to cause consumers to misunderstand. , causing unfair competition.

At the same time, the State Administration of Markets has written in its WeChat public account that “the media uses the 'national brand' to sell advertising resources, conduct commercial marketing, artificially divide the enterprise into three or six, etc., disrupting the market competition order. The trust in the news media will be more trustworthy for companies selected for the 'national brand'. The so-called 'national brand' is often used as an important basis for selecting enterprise products, which greatly misleads consumption and seriously infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In particular, the inclusion of so-called 'national brands' for individual problem product payment has caused widespread doubts in the society. The media uses the name of the state to guarantee the endorsement of enterprises and publish illegal advertisements, which will ultimately damage their credibility."

In fact, it has always been pointed out that the essence of the "CCTV National Brand Project" is a purely commercial behavior.

This incident may have a major impact on the brand promotion strategy of the entire electric bike industry for some time to come.