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The Li-on Battery New Development For Electric Scooter

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

          Lithium battery used in electric scooter appear a new development tendency

In the latest three or four years, the core technology of lithium battery gain the great breakthrough recently after the effort of domestic lithium battery enterprises. All the centra components used in electric scooter have been realized localization.


If there is a company complete the disruption of the electric balance scooter in the future, the innovation is likely to come from the most central part--the battery. The technology of lithium battery that is widely used nowadays has been stagnant for a decade. If a electric balance scooter can be charged you hundreds of miles in three minutes, it will surely rewrite the history of transportation. 


If we own new technique and good service, we won’t be eliminated in the electric scooter industry in the futrue. The technology of electric balance scooter is tend to intelligentialize, humanize and facilitation. According to refer a great of foreign datas and the reports about current industry well-known technology senior person, the lithium battery as the central part of electric hoverboard begin to the new development trend.


The modular battery system consist of battery cell composed of battery cells. It can be grouped into different size and performance based on the requirement of people. Battery modularity or more specifically, the tablet battery can have different battery capacities, voltages and sizes depending on the needs. The number and length of cells in each battery pack can be different.


Battery modularity may be able to create a new and interactive mode of the battery. This battery can be used in car and homelife. It’s not necessary to redesign and rebuild.


The use of modular battery technology has matured in the field of balance scooter. There are already electric scooter companies using the technology in the electric scooter. It greatly increases the battery capacity and also facility to the capacity expansion.


Perhaps we are witnesses of an era, in this era, energy is going to upgrade once again. And the future large batteries that provide energy is constantly upgrade from a original small battery.


Battery is the central part of electric scooter, it directly determine the endurance mileage. With the development of new energy, the investment of battery industry is more and more big. In the coming next years, the technology of battery will face the rapid development. Electric balance scooter as a “smart pioneers” will also be benefit.