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The Intelligent Balance Car Have Some Alternative Ways Of Play

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Mar 05, 2017

Now days street,not only have be in an such car、bike、electric car traditional traffic tool situation, between the flow of traffic,also from time to time in the smart scooter, the bicycle, the balance car and so on.but you’re wrong that if you think intelligent balance car have only a play way of Walking to travel. In fact,intelligent balance car is more stronger than over your imagine. Come on,let’s fly together.

Fitness for the gym

although balance car just control the body center of gravity,because of keep body alignment to achieve a steady grasp of the center of gravity,so it will have greatly exercise effect in long time drive.balance scooter not only relax muscles of shoulder、spine and other parts, and make a slight correction of them,but also can consume a considerable amount of calories.and 30 minutes of direct walking can consume an average of 285 calories, if around the pile over 30minutes will consume takes an average of 900 calories,it amount to running one hour.

 With play,not play with

 It’s parents responsibility to play with kids,but not all parents really happiness to enjoy the family time,may be because of they choose wrong family activities,just play with kids,not playing together. Someone said,balance car is young men toy.but, it can also be a toy of parents and kids. 

A must of walking dog 

Dog owners know that dogs need to walk every is a really test of willpower thing to work busy and tired people. although can find somebody help,even employ someone take care,but how could others people enjoy so important interaction with puppy appeared on balance car cyclists drive the car and walk the dogs ,balance car have small shape,don’t need hands control and can adjust speed.have greatly safety and stability,is a very power artifact of walk the dog .

 The style of capable to work

In addition to the daily use of personal life,the balance car also widely used in some specific industries,such as airports、 pavilions and other large facilities.because balance car drive is focus on electricity,max speed can reach about 20KM/h,so related workers can rode it Within the scope of job responsibilities,often meet the emergency is faster,and it can save energy, to the best state to working in security and service.

Move to shoot the artifact

Walk and pictures, Not only is a impossibility task to someone hands tremble,but also have a high require for photographers steady hand.but if ride balance car can control steady,swerve without dead angle by 360°,speed up、slow down、and swerve, don’t need do a big range of movement on body, Absolutely in the process of drive move,can photo the most wonderful moment with quick and sharp.