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The Future Traffic Era Comes - Smart Balance Scooter

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

People often do not understand things with fear, which comes from the human heart on the unfamiliar things to prevent awareness, but the subjective judgment is necessarily correct?

Famous car brand founder Ford said: If you ask your customers what they need, they will say need a faster carriage.

Sometimes people do not know what they really need, this time you need to have creators to create more in line with social needs of the product. Look at today, the car has become an indispensable means of transport in people's lives, and the carriage has disappeared in the city.

Today, the city traffic congestion, air pollution is more and more serious, if people ask "what kind of transport?" I believe we will answer "more convenient, fast, environmentally friendly car", but when the car can not meet the market demand When the Smart Balance Scooter was born.

What is the Smart Balance Scooter?

In fact, the Smart Balance Scooter more than a decade ago has appeared, but because of positioning unclear, was mistaken for the darling of the nobility to show off, rather than the general public consumer goods. Smart Balance Scooter as a short-term transport in recent years into the Chinese market, more and more people are familiar with and accept the current balance of the market is also very rich, to a search "balance car" nearly ten thousand Search results, the price from a few hundred dollars to several million range.

These uneven balances instead allow users to choose. Smart Balance Scooter development too fast, a lot of cottage brand "swarmed", chaos like clusters. But the music Smart Balance Scooter founder Zhou Wei has always focused on the value of the product, he holds a belief: "just want to understand our users do a good job, provide the most cost-effective products, really solve the pain point is not resolved, this is Wang. "

And the fish also have a great faith: the fish greatly for the quality of the user to provide the best quality products, the fish do not produce, only for the good production enterprise services.