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The Electric Skateboard Is Safer And Easier To Use Because It Has An Built-in AI Algorithm

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

Like the cool city people like to play electric skateboard, if the city traffic regulations permit, as a convenient commuter tool is also good.

However, even the electric skateboard, also need some time to start, the other seems to lack a certain security mechanism. How broken? Let the electric skateboard have an "AI" algorithm, which may be a viable way.

Foreign start-up team XTND developed an electric skateboard, the unique place is built-in artificial intelligence algorithm, through more intelligent processing to enhance the use of electric skateboard experience.

So how to achieve it? XTND skateboard built a variety of sensors, supplemented by a powerful processor and learning algorithms, users can always collect the use of data and calculation, so you more comfortable with the more. For example, when you suddenly stop sliding, the skateboard will not move on, even if you do not press the remote control can also automatically stop.

XTND also through continuous sliding data processing, to achieve performance optimization, improve efficiency and reduce power consumption, to achieve longer endurance.

To the evening or taxi to the tunnel and other dark scenes, XTND can automatically light up and front LED lights, to achieve lighting and avoid reminders, very easy to use. When the user does not use the skateboard, XTND can also automatically enter the sleep mode within 10 minutes, saving more power.

Of course, it is also a superior performance of the electric skateboard, can achieve 45 km / h speed, 20 km of battery life, replaceable battery design can also be extended life.

XTND also supports smart phones, watch applications, can achieve GPS positioning, locking, adjust the speed and other functions, and once the skateboard there are some failures or the need for maintenance, but also the first time to inform the user.