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The Development Prospects Of Electric Balance Scooter

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

For national citizens, they did not know the electric scooters until recent years. In fact, the scooter did not occur with the image of 2 wheels in the beginning, instead, it was a scooter with a handle. Maybe people have the impression, that in 2008 Olympic games, the policemen patrolled with that kind of scooter.

Fast, convenient, safe, these made the scooter become the best tool to replace walking!


In the recent 2 years, the scooter was developing rapidly in domestic, although there were many brands. Analyzing from the hot selling scooters in the past years, the scooter was facing an imbalanced condition-demand was more than supplying. However, this electric vehicle market was still not mature, or even

it’s just the start. From the view of domestic market, standard scooter brands are still in lack, as well as the professional international technology.


After the electric vehicle replaced the bikes, it was also replaced by the scooter afterwards, with the special function: smaller and lighter. We still have many choices between vehicles and walking: bike, electric vehicle, balance this situation, price is a very big problem-take these popular and professional scooter brands as an example, prices are still above 1 thousand RMB, those who bought the scooter belong to the rich. This product is not only an optional toy, in some places where it’s not easy to drive, the scooter is obviously a good choice. With the premise to give users better using experience, the development of scooter is going forward to “smaller volume“, ”more convenient to carry”, “better price”...these are the very important factors to promote this product.


If you ask some “what is scooter“ several years ago, you may be told answers like, a car with two wheels? It’s unknown that what the structure is, how to use, etc. Sellers are using platform like internet, media, to propaganda this product, with the hope to make everyone know about it. On the other hand, students from

foreign universities after graduation also bring this product to domestic market. Then people start to know this special tool.


When the scooter starts to be hot gradually in domestic, those real buyers became confused: there are so many brands, no difference from the appearance, how to distinguish the quality and difference? Although there are many scooter brands in domestic, there’s no real standards for people to refer this product, as well as some real good scooters. Brand effect is useful for product sales, but only when people really accept and like the scooter will the brand effect be visible, and to establish seller’s own brand. To make a good product does not mean to join this product once it becomes HOT, many professional issues are needed to search.


From the view of current market, many developed cities have become intelligent, including intelligent transportation platform is established. A a new revolutionized product, the scooter is supposed to be the trend in the future.