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Smart Balance Wheel Have Room For Growth In The Future

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: May 12, 2017

The next few years, Smart Balance Wheel and tricycle market growth space (discharge policy constraints) is basically maintained at the existing level, that is, electric two-wheel car production and sales remained at about 30 million scale, electric tricycle maintained at 10 million But the low-speed electric vehicles are expected to have a larger room for growth, is expected to have the scale of millions of dollars, and 2016 annual production and sales is expected to only about 800,000.

The next few years, the Smart Balance Wheel market will take the lead in rapid integration. According to information provided by the authority of the department, the current number of electric two-wheeled car companies fell sharply, with the degree of activity has dropped to 700 within the province, more than 100 reductions. As the market has become saturated and competition between enterprises intensified, Smart Balance Wheel will have a further decline in the number of enterprises, more companies will enter the "zombie" state, its industry performance in:

Leading enterprises in the market share of the rapid increase. According to electric car observers speculated that in 2016, the size of the top two companies market share is expected to 30-35%, compared with 2015 increased by about 5 percentage points; size TOP top 10 companies market share is expected to 55-60% , Compared with 2015 increased by about 10 percentage points.

The maturity of the product is improved. According to the electric car observers understand, with the scale of enterprises continue to become bigger and stronger, electric Smart Balance Wheel enterprises supporting the industrial chain into the large-scale, standardized, standardized manufacturing process, making the product quality is rising, more performance Stable, the repair rate is declining.

Brand of personalized gradual phenomenon. From the scale of TOP5 electric Smart Balance Wheel vehicle entrepreneur, the insiders are basically able to identify the brand launch of the product features. Showing the various brands after years of experience and gradually formed their own brand style characteristics, which contributed to the development of the industry. To be sure, the next few years, the brand in the development of products on the depth of skill will gradually determine the level of the leading edge of the enterprise will be vividly reflected, and other enterprises opened the gap.

However, electric tricycles and Smart Balance Wheel from the product development and manufacturing details of about 5-6 years gap. The advantages of the current tricycle is still in a relatively low level of appearance, such as shell molding and paint technology, but also has a lot of room for improvement, even more effective electronic control system. Low-speed four-wheelers, basically copy the appearance of mini-cars, really have an independent development of the design is rare. Therefore, the electric Smart Balance Wheel has been difficult to allow non-industry to enter, and electric three rounds and four rounds because the product is also really mature, with great development space.