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Smart Balance Wheel Are Different In The Status Quo

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: May 17, 2017

At any time, the market shape, whether as a whole industry or business are the focus of attention. This includes the operational characteristics of the market, industry characteristics and the development of historical forms are an integral part. Also as a new type of energy transport, China's electric car industry is also gradually forming its own characteristics and attributes.

"Decline" and "rise" both the status quo is different

Thanks to the beginning of the Chinese Smart Balance Wheel earlier, the development of a long time, Smart Balance Wheel industry seems to be encountered in 2014, a decline period. Compared with the same period in 2013, the first half of 2014, electric car sales fell significantly, reaching 6 percentage points, in some areas even directly down 20%.

But the Chinese electric tricycle industry has shown another scene. China's electric tricycle industry started relatively late, the competition is not intense, but compared with previous years, in recent years due to industry development growth, consumer groups gradually expanded. Electric tricycles in recent years showed a rapid development trend, especially from the total output in 2004 about 500,000 to 2012, about 7 million, the "straight up the data" really amazing. And the Smart Balance Wheel market is relatively saturated and overdraft different, electric tricycle industry in 2013 ushered in more than 8 million production and sales surge, the first half of 2014 the development continues to show a boom, coupled with the effective distribution of the relevant production base , Its production and sales in 2014 is still expected to achieve 30% -40% strong growth. With the Smart Balance Wheel industry into the era of low-profit, electric tricycle industry profits are still high, still through the "profit sacrifice" to obtain the amount of growth. In fact, in Henan and other related markets, electric tricycle industry has gradually squeezed the Smart Balance Wheel market, ushered in further growth in production and sales.

In the product features, electric Smart Balance Wheel, whether from the appearance of the form or product features are already very mature, also brought a high degree of homogenization of the product phenomenon. Various manufacturers of product updates is gradually weakened, product innovation has also suffered a bottleneck, did not emerge a few years ago all the rage of the industry classic products.

Belong to the "grassroots" industry development process has its own characteristics

So for the Chinese electric tricycle, the product development process is not as obvious as the electric Smart Balance Wheel with outstanding. Electric tricycle industry can be said to be more than electric Smart Balance Wheel industry, "grassroots." From the beginning, electric tricycles located in urban and rural transport vehicles, more low-end, tricycle target customers can be divided into five categories, including rural people, urban low-income groups, individual business groups, laid-off workers groups, The In addition, electric tricycle products in innovation and not much change. But with the electric tricycle market continues to expand, electric tricycle products will also be further enhanced. In addition, in the process of continuous development, electric tricycle market has gradually shifted from the rural market to urban markets, and achieved good results. In the coverage of the crowd, has also been gradually shifted from the elderly to young groups, population coverage to further expand.