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Smart Balance Scooter You Do Not Know Those Games Are Played

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Today's road, has long been not only cars, bicycles, electric cars and other traditional means of transport system dominated the situation, traffic and traffic in the middle, from time to time in the smart scooters, motorcycles, Smart Balance Scooter and other figures. But if you think that Smart Balance Scooter only travel this kind of play, then you are wrong!

In fact, the Smart Balance Scooter than you think the function is more powerful, come and fly with yourself.

Fitness fitness fitness

Although the Smart Balance Scooter riding only need to control the body center of gravity, but because to maintain the integrity of the body to achieve a smooth grasp of the center of gravity, so long riding still has a good exercise effect. Riding a Smart Balance Scooter can relax the shoulders, spine and other parts of the muscles, and their posture on the slight correction; can also consume considerable calories, 30 minutes straight forward can consume an average of 285 calories card, if the S-shaped pile around 30 minutes The average consumption of calories 900 calories - this is equivalent to running 1 hour of calories consumed.

Recommended models: Irvine wheelbarrow, small cool, square or residential space can ride.

Play with the play

It is the responsibility of parents, but not all parents are happy to enjoy parenting time, because they may choose the wrong parent-child project, just to play with the children, not to play with the children.

Some people say that the balance of the car is a young man's toys, in fact, the Smart Balance Scooter can also be parents and children common toys.

Recommended models: Ai Erwei S8mini sit dual-use balance car.

The reason to mention it, because it is very difficult to get started, in fact, the child's sense of balance is better than adults, often able to more skilled in the use of such emerging products, but as a parent, how can you in front of the child Behind a way?

Riding S8mini, only need to master the sitting ride, and then practice the ride, you will find the original Smart Balance Scooter ride so simple, and this learning model, for beginners parents and children, are more secure of.

S8mini tires are also specially used 8-inch round, while the seat height can also be adjusted, so a car is suitable for parents riding, but also for children to ride.