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Smart Balance Scooter Of The Security Risks

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Smart Balance Scooter as a relatively new thing, although many people touch, but the actual long time to use people is not a lot, which is why such products launched and continue, and now only one of the reasons for the problem.

Balance the main components of the main board, motor, battery, outer package (plastic and aluminum) these four parts. After several years of research and development and improvement, these components have specialized chemical plant production. Many Smart Balance Scooter brand, in fact, is an assembly plant, only a small number of brands have their own R & D team, quality control team, and product design team.

We can find modular production assembly of the Smart Balance Scooter, much like the current DIY installed, as long as you have the ability to buy their own components can be assembled, but the quality is not good to control, and this is now the low price of balanced products Easy to go wrong one of the important factors.

Small workshop manual assembly is now the main low-end balance of the main production methods, there is no perfect quality testing, fatigue testing, natural products such as easy problems, in the United States spontaneous fire "twist car" should be such products. In addition to the formation of manual safety hazards, by the interests of the procurement of low-cost original. Especially lithium-ion batteries, power management chips and electric shock.

High-quality lithium-ion battery, generally do not appear the phenomenon of fire burning, only the external circuit in the long-term use of heat to form a short circuit in the case of overheating natural phenomenon. What is a long time to use, such as long charging caused by overcharge, high power output for a long time riding, are likely to cause spontaneous combustion.

If you use low-quality lithium-ion battery, then the battery itself is likely to produce spontaneous combustion phenomenon. In fact, lithium-ion battery and people do not imagine so terrible, the general collision and shaking will not have any impact on the battery. If the internal short circuit is very easy to produce combustion, or even explosion, resulting in internal short circuit is the main reason for the production process, low-quality lithium-ion battery production process naturally flattered, the battery inside the metal burr is easy to form a short circuit, high temperature heat The internal liquid to form high pressure, and finally break through the battery shell caused by fire or even explosion.

Imperfect power management chip can also make the Smart Balance Scooter fire, the battery has been full of power management chip should take the initiative to power, the battery output current through the power management chip should be more smooth fluctuations. If the motherboard power management chip performance is poor or poor quality is easy to damage, then the role of overcharge protection and regular current is out of the question. After a long period of use, the accident is certain.

Since there are so many questions why also allow such a Smart Balance Scooter appears, not because there is no "product standards."