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Smart Balance Scooter - Fashion Simple Is Not Simple

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

Smart Balance Scooter, also known as body car, thinking car, photo car and so on. The market is mainly two rounds and two rounds. Its operation principle is mainly based on a kind of called "dynamic stabilization" (Dynamic Stabilization) the basic principle, the use of the body inside the gyroscope and acceleration sensor to detect changes in body posture, and the use of servo control system, Accurately drive the motor to make the appropriate adjustments to maintain the balance of the system. Is a modern use as a means of transport, leisure and entertainment of a new type of green products.   

The principle of Smart Balance Scooter is through the gyro sensor with dynamic stability software algorithm to maintain the balance of the vehicle. People's focus forward, to accelerate forward, people's focus on the future to slow down the brake even back, the so-called intelligence lies in this.

For ordinary consumers, the judge is very difficult to determine the good and bad manufacturers, and few people will go to carefully understand the company's background strength, of course, there are many production of "cottage" products, the company's packaging page look good, so that consumers can not distinguish "Li Kui" or "Li Gui".

In fact, the easiest way is to judge from the price, the product price is obviously too low, the basic is the "cottage" products, do not go too much to consider, the best focus on more than 1,000 yuan of products.

The second way is to check the number of manufacturers of patents, "cottage" manufacturers generally no research and development, so there is no patent, the general number of patents not less than 10 can be considered to buy.

In addition, we had the best self-balancing car such products defined as entertainment travel tool, its main attribute is fun, entertainment, can also do travel tools, rather than directly as a travel tool.

At the same time it is best not to drive self-balancing car on the road, if you want to be on the road, we must have a sense of security, and must have skilled driving skills, not crowded in crowded places,

Even if the toy, there will be accident risk, not to mention the means of transport, so be sure to strengthen the importance of the product is not the property.