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Singapore Launches A Driverless Shared Scooter That Can Come To You Automatically

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 02, 2018

Everyone in Europe and the United States shared the scooter. Everyone is tired of listening. This time we will introduce you differently. In Singapore, it is also a shared scooter project.


Singapore's public transportation network is very developed, but it is not a comfortable experience to walk a few hundred meters in a high temperature and high humidity environment. Singapore has a hot climate. There is only one summer season in the year. Many people living in Singapore have had this experience. No matter how short the distance is, the clothes will be soaked by sweat. Therefore, vehicles such as electric scooters are very common in Singapore, and last year we reported that companies in Singapore started the service of sharing scooters.

Let's introduce this little yellow car called scootbee. Although the appearance is a bit simple, it is very intelligent to share the electric scooter.

Singapore sharing scooters.jpg

Its use process is very simple, only need to make a one-click reservation on the APP. By positioning, the nearest scooter will automatically go through the positioning, come to your side, save the traditional shared bicycle, share the scooter and need to find the car, The step of scanning the code.

After using it, the button will be charged at the same time, and then the scooter will automatically drive back to the nearby stop, and will not be parked at random to cause blockage of the public road.

More intimate is that the car is not enough, or at night, it will automatically drive back to the headquarters for charging or maintenance.

When you are fully charged, you will automatically drive to the parking spot in the morning and wait for use at any time. You don't need to worry about the car being out of power.

sharing scooters.jpg

The scootbee uses a 3-wheeled scooter, so it can be driven automatically when no one is riding. At the same time, the body is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor. When it encounters pedestrians or obstacles during the automatic driving, it will automatically stop, and the front is equipped. The camera can identify road conditions and traffic lights and can automatically cross the road safely. The speed of riding is no more than 15 kilometers, and the speed of automatic driving is slower than the walking speed.

The project was launched in August this year, and it was first launched as a pilot in the small area of the Science and Technology City.