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Service Instead Of The Electric Scooter Price War

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

Recently, the promotion war in the balance car industry has continued to be staged. In recent years, almost as long as the holidays, the balance electric scooter will open the posture of a variety of promotional activities , various promotions took turns, but most promotions are still in the "price", causing another round of price war.

Sales target of balance electric scooter dealer is locked in "price"

the domestic balance electric scooter industry is developing rapidly, but with the development of the industry boom to the industry and the fierce competition, survival of the fittest market intensifies, so dealers in order to obtain the better sales, greater market share, have the marketing target in "price". Product quality is cheap, who do not like it, so many electric balance truck manufacturers and dealers are highly praised the price war, so that more attractive to consumers. Although the price war led to a lot of sales, but for electric balance scooter dealers, the price war is not on the road, not to solve the dealer's long-term development of the recipe.

With the balance of electric car market competition and consumer quality continues to improve, balance electric scooter industry is experiencing a gradual development of quality, brand, service, only by the traditional sales channels, sales of electric car balance to further expand market share of the possibility is not big, because in the balance of electric car industry "arena", not "with the price of heroes". Electric balance vehicles in order to really get good development, we must constantly innovation, change, the implementation of marketing changes to adapt to the market, competition from the general price war escalated to the service war.

Although a variety of annual festivals or man-made festivals are dealers increasing sales volume, expand the influence of the golden age, but the balance electric scooter dealer marketing focus is not here, so the balance electric scooter dealers can not focus on development and marketing hopes in the promotional activities, after all want to occupy the balance electric scooter market only the price war is not feasible. For balance electric scooter dealers now, what should be done is to understand the needs of consumers. For consumers, the consumer value is the quality, service, design behind the product, even the brand value, only by the price war promotions will be not accepted by consumers, and ultimately be eliminated by the market.

In a word, in the balance electric scooter market, if you want to win the balance electric scooter in this industry, you can not only make "price war", because the balance electric scooter industry at this stage would have been to the "price" of the hero in!