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Scooter Becomes The Important Link In The IOT Era

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Transportation tool in each era absorbs the most important and advanced technology achievement, while the information society under mobile internet is NOT an exception. The combination of info technology, internet technology and mass data era, has integrated into the whole human smart life.


In the near several decades, there will must be some products related to computer, internet, intelligence, and mass data in the transportation industry, the scooter is just a start of this revolution. In the daily life involves clothing, eating, living and walking, if  “walking” is an inevitable trend, then this trend

must be based on the smart scooter. Thus, the smart scooter is an important point to start the intelligent walking in the future!


Currently only 1% matters are related to internet, but in the near future, almost everything will do. This is the next revolution of internet: to improve people’s ability to feel, understand and manage the world. The IOT(Internet of Things) includes 3 mainly factors: internet connection, feel, and the support from hardware.


That means, in the IOT era, besides its common functions(for example, refrigerator to cool, air conditioner to adjust the temperature, rice cooker to cook, balance scooter to walk), hardware should be able to connect and feel-data generated during operation is transferred to the cloud platform. Hardware cannot be intelligent

unless dealt by mass data and artificial intelligence.


People invent many highly-intelligent sensor system, which takes the place of human to know and change the world under the control of people, as well as reflect what people want to know. After being dealt with by mass data, it becomes the knowledge and experience people need. For example, location of ALUCARD

is more and more accurate, this is a result of mass data operation, which makes the GPS more clear.


The “connection+feel” makes it possible for every object and equipment to be highly-intelligent, that’s why we call ALUCARD scooter “intelligent scooter”. The gyro, GPS location, battery-management system and operation system make up the whole feeling system for ALUCARD. 


Nowadays, the IOT can be used in many situations, like people-people, people-things, the same time, the scooters under the APP of ALUCARD already connected the people-scooter, people-people, as for scooter-scooter, it’s just the basic link. Actually, the IOT has already entered the mode of

“based on people”, because human itself is a highly-intelligent object with a lot of feelings. The connection of people existed for many years since the smart phone occurred, and now almost all the things can be integrated in the mobile phone, which makes people-to-people connection possible. Many products can

make the things-to-things connection, but the people-to-things and people-to-people connection that based on people are much more difficult. Obviously, ALUCARD is working hard to establish the connection between human and scooters.


We are entering an “IOT” era, no matter where you are, you can keep instant contact with this world. In the coming future, the scooter will be the important link in the IOT, and as the leader in the IOT of scooter industry, ALUCARD is supposed to go further and further!