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Sanya Railway Station Launches Police Balance Wheel Patrol For The First Time

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jan 09, 2019

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In China, During the New Year's holiday, the Sanya Railway Station of the Haikou Railway Public Security Bureau adopted a balance wheel patrol prevention and control mode. The patrol at the Sanya Railway Station increased the density and efficiency of patrols and ensured the safety of passengers.

According to reports, the usual patrol personnel take a step tour, there are 20,000 steps a day, the physical strength of the patrol personnel is also a kind of consumption, the team members stepped on the balance car, the patrol speed and density increased, the players can be more relaxed, compared to the patrol police car, This police balance wheel has the advantages of small size, easy operation and convenient use, and can be easily passed even in crowded places. Standing on the balance wheel patrol, the police can reach a height of about 2 meters, has a relatively wide field of vision, can find the police in time, quickly and effectively rushed to the scene for incident handling.

In order to effectively use the balance wheel to protect the passengers, the duty members need to go through special exercises to ensure mastery of driving skills, fast driving, emergency braking, S-shaped driving. The maximum speed of the police balance wheel can reach 20km/h, and the normal patrol speed of the police is only 4~5km/h. This greatly saves the police disposal time and improves the efficiency of patrol security. It took 5 to 6 minutes to patrol once, but now it takes only 1 minute to get it.