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Riding An Electric Bicycle In Winter, Keep Your Head Warm And Not Negligent

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 08, 2018

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Recently, the temperature has plummeted, and the body temperature has dropped significantly when riding a bicycle. Don’t ignore the head when you are warm. It is easy to cause headaches when riding in winter without paying attention to keeping your head warm.

Recently, the temperature in Beijing has plummeted. I have worn thick cotton coats and thick gloves and hats when I commute to work, but I found that many electric car users don’t wear hats when they are riding. This kind of riding is very easy to cause headaches.

To this end, we consulted the director of the hospital's neurology department. He said: Because the speed of electric bicycles is fast, especially in winter, cold winds will invade the body. Under cold stimulation, it will cause the radial artery and its branches to become thinner. .

When the sputum reaches the maximum, the sputum turns into a passive expansion, and there is an arterial anger, filling, pulsation enhancement, and painful nerve endings on the arterial wall of the blood flow expansion, eventually causing a headache. Therefore, keeping your head warm is very important.

Moreover, for middle-aged and elderly people riding electric bicycles, especially in late autumn and winter, the cold current is frequent and the pressure is variable. The cold wind can cause vasoconstriction and blood pressure in middle-aged and elderly people, and capillaries may also harden, and even cause small arteries to continue to sputum. The incidence of stroke has increased significantly.

Therefore, when riding in winter, you should pay more attention to the head to keep warm. In the winter, electric bicycles bring us convenience, but also pay attention to the problem of warmth.