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Proper Maintenance Of Lead - Acid Batteries For Electric Balance Scooter Vehicles

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Electric balance car battery is easy to use, but it is also very easy to consume, coupled with the price is relatively high, for ordinary consumers, or to save the province, and to make electric balance car battery to maintain a good working condition, But also do not delay their own use, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the battery, but according to the survey found that about 40 percent of the people in the electric balance car battery maintenance, improper methods, The maintenance skills summary, hope to help the electric balance car owners.

First, the new car to buy back, we must first charge

Some consumers in the car after that the battery is electric, so has been riding, and in fact most of the electric balance car battery after a long period of time will be discharged after the discharge, and some have even been empty, and this time directly riding Car, then the battery will certainly cause losses, and this loss is because the new battery did not show, until the future will be gradually exposed when used.

Second, but the discharge

Electric balance battery battery after the use of electricity, there will be over-discharge phenomenon, this excessive discharge will lead to serious damage to the battery, greatly reducing its life, no matter how good the battery is not good, after all, this will be a long time the battery Of the capacity to reduce, and thus affect the working hours and life, so be sure to pay attention. It is best to pay shallow charge, always keep the battery power, so that the best.

Third, overcharge is not good

Excessive discharge is not good, too much charge is not, too much charge will lead to the hardening of its active material, resulting in dehydration deformation of the situation, while in the hot season, too much charge is also easy to cause a fire, so pay attention.