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Novus Lightweight Electric Motorcycle, It Is More Like A Work Of Art

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Every year at CES, we always see some very interesting travel products, such as the Novus lightweight electric motorcycle at this year's show.


Novus's design is very delicate, and the weight of the car's 38.5Kg also blurs its attributes. Is this an electric bicycle or an electric motorcycle?

In terms of dynamic performance, Novus is completely out of proportion to its weight. It is equipped with a hub motor with a peak power of up to 14kW (rated at 6.2kW) with a peak output torque of up to 200N·m and a top speed of up to 98Km/h.

Such a powerful power output is obviously not conducive to the endurance. The official cruising range of Novus is about 98Km. Obviously this is not achieved under peak output conditions, but the official does not state the conditions for reaching this cruising range. However, Novus supports fast charging, which can be charged from 0 to 80% in one hour. This charging speed is very powerful for extending battery life.

The secret of the lightweight weight of the Novus vehicle is the use of a large number of carbon fiber structures. Most of its frames, headstocks, forks, rocker arms and even handlebars are made of carbon fiber. Due to the complex shape, many parts are hand-built. .

Novus轻量级电动摩托车 它更像是艺术品2

The body uses a lot of carbon fiber materials

On the dashboard, Novus made bold innovations. You can't find any screens or dashboards on the body, and Novus's solution is to use a smartphone instead of the meter section, which gives the rider a better riding experience.

Novus轻量级电动摩托车 它更像是艺术品3

Use a smartphone instead of a traditional dashboard

Outstanding performance combined with the use of carbon fiber materials, the cost of Novus has obviously come to the fore. According to media reports, Novus's offer is as high as $39,500, which is almost 10 times the price of a typical electric two-wheeler.