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Make A Balance Scooter Easier Than Make A Brand

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Mar 05, 2017

 Hot sale electric scooter market is a dark horse of electric industry. It beyond a lot of people imagine because of its explosive increase and development. For this new business,the patent is its soft spot.

 The market at present,electric balance scooter still main at export oversea, major in AmericaThe mid eastEurope so on market. The domestic market demand have not yet fully driven,Still in the stage of preheat, Alucard ‘s announcement may be give a major push to domestic market of balance scooter. After all, with the advantage of its brand, it can gather up some fans of the hobby.

 In early stage, balance scooter is too high-end too less player, near ten of thousands yuan. with its control system similar to electric bike,the raw materials are basically the same,many practitioner of electric bike industry start make balance scooter quickly,and then the whole market has been a lot of lively and  has brought energy to the market. Alucard electric balance scooter's price attract more fans.

 A set of common electric balance scooter controllers price between130.00-180.00,and the whole car price which those simple between 1000-2000,some one allegedly can sales in 800.The fierce competition of price will bring about the market, and will inevitably bring about the product, the value of the brand will be reflected in the electric balance market. It is easy to make the product, and the brand needs to go through the market's baptism and precipitation.

 As a new product type,still located at toy at present.Electric balance scooter advertising is also a new generation of toys.balance car are more popular in young people,consumer group are major in first and second tiered cities or some special application scenarios.balance scooter have no road right,cant drive in Motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles,similar as skate scooterroller skates,cant drive in sidewalk. Last year,chinas new intelligent transport industry alliancealso regard electric balance scooterwheelbarrowskate scooter as a new transport tool.

 The business model electric balance scooter creatively combines gyroscope with  traditional motor control,The popularity of the products has also led to the popularity of "Shan zhai", with some manufacturers taking advantage of the opportunity to enter the balanced market. The limitation of shanzhai is:one is that the product function cannot altered with the demand which is the "helplessness" of the shanzhai; The Second is the yield and after-sale cost of the product; Third,the overseas market demand volatility is uncertain, may bring production inventory risk. In fact,shan zhai is not unique to China's manufacturing ,other developed country also exist,too.All the world is full of interest and the world is full of interest. How long will this copycat model last? And you can see it.

 Chinas electric balance scooter are dominated by foreign markets,The market of domestic electric balancing scooter is not developed from the innovation of technology,and a sustainable development of the market is not after shanzhaiorshanzhai,innovation is the fundamental development. Besides,in application scenarios of electric balance scooter,can expand more new business models,such as amusement projects,to better enrich and develop the electric balanced car industry.