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Madrid City Government, Spain Blocked The Sharing Of Electric Scooters

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Dec 13, 2018

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Recently, the Madrid city government has abolished the operating licenses of the three electric scooter sharing companies Lime, Wind and Voi, and asked them to remove all scooters from the city within 72 hours. Prior to this, Madrid changed the law and clearly defined the range and maximum speed of the electric scooter.

According to relevant laws, electric scooters can only be used on planned bicycle lanes and the maximum speed cannot exceed 30 km/h. After the first death of an electric scooter accident in August, it became a restricted area in the sidewalk and other pedestrian areas. In addition, it is reported that the Madrid Department of Transportation is engaged in a dialogue with the scooter sharing company in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict. The results of the dialogue are still unknown.

Lime, Wind and Voi are almost certain to rectify their apps, including showing areas where electric scooters can be used and informing users of these new restrictions and new terms of use. In other words, this may only be an episode in the current market competition for electric scooters.

Voi, who has been actively cooperating with local government and traffic management departments, issued a statement: “Voi is working closely with the Madrid municipal authorities to ensure that our app is fully compliant with the new city regulations. We are confident that the electric scooter will be returned in a short time. Go to the streets of Madrid and use fast, safe and environmentally friendly travel for the city's residents and travelers."