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Let ALUCARD Manufacturer Tell You The Market For Foldable Electric Vehicle

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 26, 2017


With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the traditional items cannot meet the need from all users. While the smart foldable electric vehicle solves this problem perfectly.

 Analysis of investment prospect

1. Eco-friendly life is good for all people, everyone does the best to reduce any consumption. Of course, the LC(low carbon) means reducing the omitting of carbon dioxide. The smart foldable vehicle meet people’s requirement, and has no bad effect on environment. Just imagine, how prospect this market is!


2. Investment capacity: with 80,000RMB and a shop of 50 sq.m. in the beginning. And it takes about 30,000-50,000RMB on rent and shop decoration. Besides, vehicles valued 30,000RMB is needed, too. Market price of this foldable vehicle ranges from 2000-5000RMB, that means the profit is around 35%. The owner is supposed to earn 10,0000RMB monthly under normal sales. 


Analysis of the market of smart foldable vehicle.


1. In recent years, the road becomes much more crowded as there are more and more cars. As a transportation tool, the convenience and Eco-friendly of electric vehicles bring a BIG market capacity for this product.


2. According to the data, in 2004,  the electric vehicle was sold 5.5 million pieces, while this data comes to 122.774 million against domestic sales.


3. In an era of intelligence development, the smart electric vehicle brings people a new experience, it’s just time that make this product HOT.

Analysis of specification of the foldable vehicle.


1. The smart foldable electric vehicle contains a intelligent operation system, just like the CUP of the computer, it helps to improve the operation ability, as well as to communicate with the extra equipment.


The motor controlling rate has improved 30%, that means the starting will be more stable, users will have more comfortable and safe experience while driving. Besides, the endurance has also been longer.

2. The vehicle can be locked/unlocked with the APP on the mobile phone, this replaces the traditional keys. Users will never need so many keys, it’s just so easy!


The whole electric parts are combined in one IC, the vehicle cannot work until the IC is locked. Even to replace the motors, the vehicle cannot be started.
3. The vehicle can be folded with just ONE hand, the whole folded length is less than one meter.