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Intelligent Smart Balance Scooter Is A Trend Of The Moment

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: May 17, 2017

Summer, still for the last five kilometers travel in the street sweat? There is a demand where there is the market, the balance of the car as a trendy short distance means of transport, has long been into the people's vision. Riding a Smart Balance Scooter is a trend of the moment, but with more and more balance on the road, the trend behind the security risks are worthy of serious consideration.

As the electric car industry in the big brother, recently also in the Jingdong mobilization of a Smart Balance Scooter. The main play the young people playing cool market, fashion cool design, high pressure grid smart configuration, more importantly, this smart balance handle the safe use of the work to the extreme! So that every consumer can not only have fun, but also have peace of mind.

Detachable retractable balance bar, easy to get started to fall

There are two types of balancing vehicles currently on sale, one is a wheelbarrow balancing car, requires a lot of practice to master the riding skills, and in the process of driving a very high concentration, driving safety is low. The other is a two-wheel Smart Balance Scooter, and two-wheeled balance truck and with a handle with no handle. Compared to the handle without a handle with a balance of the car is able to allow consumers to quickly get started. Equipped with removable retractable balance bar, one is convenient for consumers to go out to carry, small and fast; the second is to protect the safety of consumers riding the road.

Smart Balance Scooter Consumers learn no threshold, just need to stand up, whether novice or veteran, can quickly control, do not need to spend a lot of time practice skills, it will not let consumers in the process of riding easily fall to protect the smooth travel.

High-quality lithium battery, from the root cause to prevent security risks

Smart Balance Scooter Using a new 2400 capacity lithium battery batteries, together with the smart battery management system. Fully monitor the status of each battery, overcharge active power, the output current through the power management chip can also be stable when the long-term use will not form a short circuit, resulting in overheating caused by spontaneous combustion. Before entering the market, the new lithium battery has been adopted by a high degree of simulation of vibration, impact, overcharge, forced discharge and other tests to ensure that from transport to use, each process can withstand the test.

Smart Balance Scooter In addition, intelligent balancing vehicle intelligent driving protection system, to the consumer driving process for all-round protection, but the speed of more than 15km / h when the speed limit protection, but the power of less than 15% when the warning to prevent sudden Power to stop.

Brand escort, so that consumers from the "heart" trust

Before the experience, a product quality is perfect, whether there are security risks, only the manufacture and sale of the people most clearly. Therefore, I do not know the inside of the consumer, with conscience to do the product, not only a business is responsible for the consumer should be moral, it is a long-term development of the core business. Over the years, Songji brand to "good quality, line the world" reputation to win consumer trust, convinced that only the intention to do the product, in order to really bring a brand value.

With intelligent Smart Balance Scooter travel, the purpose is to bring people more convenient, so that life becomes better. Choose a secure product, choose a trusted brand, is responsible for you and me. Every person who uses a balanced car travel, are able to ride safely, walking on the road of life farther and happier!