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India Shared Electric Scooter Company Receives $100 Million In Financing Uber Prepares $1 Billion For Shared Projects In 2019

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jan 03, 2019

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Recently, Indian special car company Ola will expand its service range by investing $100 million in the country domestic shared electric scooter startup and showing its resources in the Ola application.

Vogo provides services in southern Indian cities such as Bangalore and Hyderabad, which will use the financing to add 100,000 electric scooters. The company did not disclose how many electric scooters they currently have, but said that more than 100,000 users have used their electric scooters for more than 20 million kilometers.

"Our investment in Vogo helps build an intelligent last-mile multi-mode network for the country," said Ola co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal.

According to media reports, Uber, which started out as a taxi business, has expanded its business to takeaways, electric bicycles and scooters, and its vice president recently said in an interview that they have arranged for the development of electric bicycles in 2019. More than $1 billion in funding.

The news was revealed by Uber Vice President Rachel Holt, who revealed in an interview that they have arranged more than $1 billion for electric bikes, scooters and other viable modes of transportation. To accelerate the development of these modes of transportation in 2019.

The rental of electric bicycles was carried out by Uber's Social Bicycles, which was acquired by Uber in April this year. Consumers currently use Uber's app to rent electric bicycles in 12 cities in the US, including Washington and San Francisco.

The Uber electric bike rental business is known to consumers as Jump Bikes, which announced the design of the second generation Jump Bikes this week with detachable batteries, chains and other more durable and disassembled features.

In terms of scooters, it is currently available in Austin, Texas, Santa Monica, Calif., and Los Angeles. By working with Lime, Users in the other 4 cities can also rent scooters through Uber app.