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Inboard Launches Electric Scooter With Replaceable Battery

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jan 04, 2019

Shared electric scooters.jpg

Shared electric scooters are popular in the United States, and many companies have joined the shared battlefield. The American electric four-wheeled skateboard brand inboard has also entered the field of electric scooters, but it is not shared.

They said that the current scooter on the market is not good enough for users. They will launch an electric scooter called Glider, which is expected to start selling in February 2019 for $1,299.

Shared electric scooters.jpg

The Glider is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires, the rear wheel is equipped with shock absorbers, and is equipped with an electromagnetic brake and disc brake for power recovery. The handlebar is a newly designed folding method.

Glider supports quick battery replacement. The factory default is equipped with 2 batteries, each battery supports 20 kilometers of battery life, but the spare battery price is not announced.

Glider handlebars and throttles have been redesigned to support three-speed speed adjustments, as well as support for mobile apps via Bluetooth or the Internet.

The Glider program is currently aimed at end-user retailing, and it is still unknown whether it will join a shared trip.