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In This Country, If You Can Ride An Electric Bicycle To Go Out, That Is The Rich Man

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 08, 2018

Electric bicycles are the most common means of transportation, while in North Korea, only wealthy people can ride.

Because of the different levels of economic development, it is no longer common to buy an electric bicycle in other countries. For contemporary young people, it is more inclined to buy a car.

North Korea bike.jpg

In North Korea, because of the backward development, even rich people can hardly own a car, so having an electric bicycle is a symbol of their status.

Walking on the streets of Pyongyang, you will find that there are very few people on the street, fewer vehicles, and it is very empty. If it is in a certain street in Beijing, it must be lively. On the road, you can occasionally see people riding electric bicycles. It used to be a bicycle, but now electric bicycles have become a fashionable means of transportation.

North Korea Office worker.jpg

Nowadays, some shops in Pyongyang also sell electric bicycles, and many electric bicycles sell for more than one million dollars. The expensive price far exceeds the ability of local ordinary people to pay. However, for some wealthy people, they can easily buy an electric bicycle.

North Koreans go out to carry all kinds of luggage, and electric bicycles can carry more luggage. Moreover, North Korea's public transportation capacity is limited, and the starting price of taxis has reached more than ten yuan. Electric bicycles are increasingly favored by wealthy people.

Today, North Korea's mainstream travel is still walking and Pedal bicycle. For North Koreans, electric bicycles are fashionable, but they cannot afford them.