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Ialucard Scooter Makes Our Life More Comfortable

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

Fitness has been the most favorite sports in officers. Each parts of bodies are lack of sport after working before computer all day. It’s particularly easy to cause small problems in all aspects of the body, such as neck soreness, mouse hand and dry eyes etc. Therefore they will choose recreational sports to enhance oneself bodily function after working.


Exercise does improve your body function, but not all of people could stick with it because it’s more intensive than others. So the scooter named Ialucard has became popular.


Compared with the travel tool, the new Ialucard CS-617 electric balance car is more like a sports equipment, with a good quality tyre. It has a cool appearance, LED atmosphere and the process of cycling is very eye-catching. The front and rear inductive lighting braking system is escorted by driving in the night.


CS-617 electric balance scooter has special phone APP, which control the scooter at any time. Stereo speaker, bluetooth and cooling fan are built in hoverboard. Climbing persistent strong, it can highest be equiped with 680w battery for lasting life.