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How Does Hoverboards Innovate

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

Before discussing this question, let's talk about a book called 《 The innovator’s dilemma》,The author Clayton Christensen by virtue of the book ranks among the management masters from an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, the book is rated as one of “the twenty most influential business books in the 20th century “ The book describes two innovative models: sustaining innovation and destructive innovation also known as subversive innovation. The reason why this book is mentioned, because the book elaborated on the destructive innovation in the role of business growth may be the hoverboards industry needs.

Business of hoverboards 

It's written in the book,that when a newly-established enterprise enters an unsophisticated market with damaged innovation, usually they have to bear some bad factors like low profit, unclear future and pressure from big firms. 
Once this enterprise and non-mainstream market are developed and released, it starts to rely on the market, and pay attention to the profit, development, customer-relationship. A relatively stable market is established. 
Finally, the enterprises turns to vane under the pressure from profit and shareholders, this is just the periodic law of enterprises and market.Therefore, most of the companies cannot be prosperous all the time. 
One of the important link is that the new firms and non-mainstream market can be fully developed and released. 

As an old "sunrise" industry, the scooters developed hardly till today. During the past years, problems of product positioning, product chain, policy and laws were still not solved. From the view of the market, yearly turnover up to 40 million RMB ranks the first 5 top ones in this industry, while no more than 3 companies can make it 100 million. With all the workers,staff numbers of the biggest scooter company is less than 300. Well, this is the scooter market with 
very small market size. As the niche market cannot meet the requirement from big agents, therefore, after TOYOTA and Honda come up with their own scooter, they don't spend too much time promoting. Besides, it's very important for all the 
enterprises to make profit with small market size, not only because of the increasing cost, but another rule: the Matthew effect-if any origination and project manage to make profit, they are able to absorb finance and human resources from the market, while the fails will get nothing-slow and stable development is never acceptable. 

Hoverboards must make new innovation

The scooter is defined to be a transportation tool from the beginning, but the scooter with smaller wheels turns to be toys for the rich only due to it's special design. But in fact, this toy is just like other toys, it's supposed to be dusted after the feelings of freshness. If we turn back to see, we'll find the scooter did enter the electric vehicle market with the role of an unparalleled innovator, it changes the control theory, driving mode and even the name. 
All the people, the old and young, have nickname for their "toys"! 

But after that, many domestic scooter brands, including Segway, all take an instant-innovation way to develop: big/small wheels, one-wheel/two wheels, lead-acid battery ,lithium battery, brus
h-less motors/geared motors...however, many other industries are still copying the original model without innovation. 

Today ,the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence has been far beyond our expectations. About the hoverboards ,the biggest disruptive innovation is not come from batteries , motors and gyro , but from internet. To be exact , is mobile internet .Not come from performance , distance and speed, but from “connect”. The most basic characteristics of hoverboards is human-computer interaction.

For each enterprises , innovation problems could not be figured out by few books . A lot of hoverboards enterprises hope to have further improvement in mechanism system after made some developments ,but they do not know is face to disruptive innovation,the reason of leads to enterprise decline is good management system .This is a very cruel scene , when aware of the crisis and the problem, The bigwigs must have gone through a variety of attempts and efforts, but in the end, they have to accept fails .