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Features Car Balance

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: May 10, 2016

Many people confuse the balance of the car and bicycle, car balance and the car is no car chain kicking child, entirely by the baby sliding forward on their own, before cycling good transition products.

Balancing vehicle to exercise your baby's balance [1], is the baby's first scooter, a beginner just set foot on the car balance will become very unstable, but this is a normal phenomenon, because the baby's balance force is weak, it is not It can well control the body balance. We need baby feet touch the ground, his legs forced together to slide forward, exercise your baby's legs muscles balanced development.

At the same time balancing the car counterweight exercise can actually exercise your baby's ability to self-confidence, more courage to contact with the outside world, the baby's independence will be more helpful. Balance of the car is more like a child of extreme sports, riding a baby can be free, and can be more easily controlled trucks full of confidence. So balanced car will make your baby more likely to feel a sense of security, more manageable, more secure; more important is for them to enjoy riding sense of accomplishment, but more like outdoor sports.