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Electric Balance Scooter There Is A Certain Security Risks

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: May 12, 2017

Recently, careful citizens may find that there is a stylish cool Electric Balance Scooter from time to time to shuttle on the city's road. This fashionable balance car, is becoming a lot of young people "new favorite". But this new type of "surrender artifact" on the road, whether there is a certain security risk? Together with the reporter's investigation.

Two wheels, a direction bar, do not have to step on the accelerator and brake, by the body center of gravity can control the driving. Right now, this shape cool Electric Balance Scooter, by many young people of all ages. Stoudemire, is a fashionable electric player, playing the balance car has been more than a year. He said that as a short-range means of transport, balance car in life is indeed more convenient, but there are many problems. Today, there are a lot of young players like Stoudemire, some of whom will drive the electric counter to the road. In this regard, some people worry that will affect the traffic, there are security risks.

Indeed, as a short distance means of transport, Electric Balance Scooter advantage lies in the speed, small size, more light. It is understood that the Electric Balance Scooter through the motor to provide kinetic energy, the maximum speed can reach 16 km. Reporters contacted the Shantou Overseas Chinese School physics experiment team, the Electric Balance Scooter at the highest speed under the brake performance test. In the test of the braking distance, the experimenter allowed the driver to travel at random and issued a stop command to the driver in the middle.

Experiments have carried out a dozen experiments, found that when the balance car to the highest speed when driving, the average distance of 6-7 meters.

Xiao teacher said, in theory, 6-7 meters of force with about 600 pounds of the object of the oppression of the body. If this speed, the driver and other objects collide, will cause no small damage.

Electric Balance Scooter It is not the same as the car, the car has a seat belt, the bike is a handle and a seat, the balance car is fixed by the feet and the balance car, if the road encountered a sudden situation, suddenly accelerated or suddenly brakes, Inertia and loss of balance, so there will be this dangerous situation

In fact, in recent years, due to electric balance vehicles such vehicles caused by traffic accidents, in other parts of the country has occurred more. Last year, Shanghai, a young man driving electric scooters, because the brakes less, a pedestrian knocked to death. The judiciary's opinion shows that the driver's electric scooter at that time did not meet the safety technical standards and was not a vehicle.

According to Zheng lawyers, Electric Balance Scooter and electric scooters are neither in line with China's motor vehicle safety standards, nor in the category of non-motor vehicle products directory. According to the "Road Traffic Safety Law" of the relevant provisions of such a taxi tool, do not have the right.