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Electric Balance Scooter Research And Development Needs To Be Improved

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: May 17, 2017

Speaking of Electric Balance Scooter, the last three years of the popular situation is 13 years of popular two-wheel self-balancing car, 14 years of popular single-wheel self-balancing car, this year's popular Electric Balance Scooter.

The first two, because inverted pendulum, it seems tall, just when the city can sell tens of thousands or even tens of thousands. And other control technology was rotten after the cottage, I have seen 690 dollars a single self-balancing car. A start of the company, selling fire monthly sales of 4,000, sales can not be described, but now the market how much to play? Seemingly not much.

Earlier this year, suddenly popular Electric Balance Scooter, Electric Balance Scooter with the rise of the driving industry and the rise. Open driving can not run in the past, guests can not run home to go home, so have such a car, usually started, when the guests put off the trunk, home and then start. To meet the needs of these people, there will be a market. Rather than show off the crazy drooping cool hanging days of technology, only the market, crazy driving cool usually no friends ... ...

Then the first step in research and development is to understand the needs of customers first. Knowing the real customer needs is a technical job. 10 years ago, I have heard a Japanese company export textile company boss said, if anyone can provide what is popular in Japan every year, what kind of goods, then the annual salary of 500,000 is possible. Now a lot of dry this, called the consulting industry, is a very high salary. Can accurately know that customer demand is very cattle, and so everyone is aware that this is a customer demand, or a big wave of grab rice bowl, not to mention research and development, out of the urgent work, the performance of all aspects of only Oh. Then predict the customer needs for many years, is quite difficult technical work. A lot of companies rise, a lot of companies hang up. Electronic camera era, Kodak film planted, the Japanese digital camera fire; digital camera no fire how long, more and more mobile phones can replace the card machine, and Nokia up, Japan's several big camera is not how to; intelligent Machine era, SLR performance phone can not be achieved, Nokia hung up ... ...

Electric Balance Scooter Therefore, in large enterprises, high-level engineers must have a long enough strategic vision. How about such a person's salary? Company pay secrets, but they can buy more expensive than the Audi A6L car, always guess it. And then the customer's requirements are defined as engineering requirements. Ford, who invented the pipeline, once said that if you ask customers what they want, customers will say they want a faster horse. Customers can only see the traditional solution, the next few years how to play, engineers should be translated through the professional level, the original customer to the long distance, fast moving. Then the car of course, than the horse strong, the future to do is the car, rather than cultivate sweat BMW.

Electric Balance Scooter Engineering requirements may just start to say a few points in a general way, and these points are likely to be all know the industry. Such as how the car ran faster, go farther, sit more comfortable. This requires further refinement and analysis of the requirements of the research subsystem. Such as how to improve the wheel speed, let the car run faster; how to improve the mechanical efficiency, let the car run farther; how to do the suspension system, so sit more comfortable. Listen these, according to a reasonable experience, you can list a plan, 5 years later, the engine to make what look; drive system and shape to make what look; suspension and seat to make what looks like.

In accordance with this logic to do, 5 years later, 10 years later, if the direction is correct, that is the world's most advanced equipment of a certain friends. I know a few companies in the United States, are so dry, such as Ford, a new energy vehicles, a few years ago has done a few years of pre-feasibility study, and now a lot of engineers, scientists still High, to 2018 years to market, research and development cycle for nearly a decade.

In this process, engineers need to understand the needs, translated into engineering direction, refined into a technical point of attack. Make the prototype to verify the design, and then improve, and then verify. A few reincarnation toss down, and then stereotypes. Finally, when the factory, a lot of problems and risks have been dealt with, after the listing failure rate will be very low.

In order to continue to lead the future, R & D also need to continue to improve, after the product market, the need to constantly collect customer feedback, summed up customer complaints, in these complaints, summed up design flaws, technical loopholes. And then in the next generation of products on the version upgrade, change the big words, in fact, a new round of research and development.

Pull so much, come back to say Electric Balance Scooter. Electric Balance Scooter started fire earlier this year. In addition to on behalf of the driving industry, in fact, many people are also used, especially in large cities. Every year in September, due to student enrollment, parents followed to Beijing to play, Mid-Autumn Festival "run money", September on the whole of Beijing "blocking the month." Sometimes an hour into an hour can not move, get off on the ground with the "lifeblood" poke is estimated to run faster than the car For some special reasons (such as flying robbery), many large cities on the mainland is banned, at least not limited to the limit.