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C-Star Summer Camp-hiking From Xichong To Dongchong In Dapeng Peninsula, SZ——To Hiking,Too Happy

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: May 15, 2016

Let’s get some fresh air on the beach in HOT summer! As staffs were tired and busy finishing many urgent orders recently, to award their effort, in 14th May, 2016, a hiking from Dongchong to Xichong, Dapeng peninsula SZ, which was just elected as one of the ten most beautiful hiking route by National Geographic Magazine, was hosted by C-Star Industrial Limited(Manufacturer of electric scooter & electric skateboard). This outdoor activity lasted a whole day, all the workers, sales, and management members were present. 


Breeze touched the cheek in the morning, torridity cannot be felt at all! All staffs gathered and got well-prepared at 7 a.m. 8:30, we set off and arrived at the destination around 10:30, when the rain just right came! While, it cannot stop us, we got to our starting point-Dapeng, at 11. All of us were divided into several small groups after a short rest, and this hiking and challenge for heroes were started in half an hour!


Covered by the strong sunlight in the afternoon, it took us 4 hours 50 minutes to overcome this 12.8 km coastline, reaching the Xichong beach at 4:20, p.m. Hard it was, every C-Star(Manufacturer of electric scooter & electric skateboard) stuff helped each other and made it! Some got hurt on the skin, broke the shoes, or even waked step by step slowly on the stone, but all there cannot keep us from going forward, everybody arrived at the destination on time, signed their names on the signature wall in the name of HERO, and left the hand prints!


During the one-hour free time after arriving at the destination, we got a task to build our C-Star(specialize in 2 wheel electric scooter) LOGO with the sand. Then it’s time to enjoy the achievement: in the sea breeze, we rolled up the trousers, walked in the sand with naked feet, took pictures with cool pose to show our best self! Blue sky, laughter, sunlight, sound the waves kissing the beach...all these made up a beautiful picture. Some even jumped into the water, swimming like a fish! This is so unforgettable moment for all of us!



We took group & single pictures after the free time, then we moved forward to the next destination-education center, where we massaged each other and shared our feelings for this activity. Undoubtedly, this hiking experience closed every C-Star(specialize in electric scooters) member. Finally, we enjoyed the time cooking the dinner by ourselves, it’s really delicious, cause that’s the award for ourselves! All dishes were finished, because......we were so hungry, haha!


Time flies, it’s already 9 p.m after we finished the dinner. Got on the bus and went back, no exciting talking, only darkness and tired faces. But this day was meant to be meaningful!Through this hiking experience, we not only saw the beautiful scenery along the coastline, but knew how important persisting is, and warmth from the group. This activity established good emotion links between C-Star(specialize in self balance scooter) employees, comprehend the feelings for life and nature, exhumed the spirit for helping each other among group members. Only this can help to overcome all the difficulties.


Our enthusiasm was as hot as the summer, with a strong heart and unparalleled persistence, we are confident to reach anywhere we want!