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C-STAR Has A Appointment With You In 2016 HKTDC

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

The 13th HKTDC opens officially in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in April 13, 2016. C-STAR Industrial Limited was invented to take part in this exhibition. We show our professional service in the production of electronic industry for almost 20 years with intelligent internet of things and virtual reality(VR) technology in the international stage. And we find a lot of clients in the exhibition.

HKTDC attracts more than 3400 companies from 24 countries to show their inventions, and organizes about 170 teams organized by buyers. It arranges 12.7 thousand international buyers from 8500 companies to visit. It exhibitions kinds of new technology, intelligent products and creative technology.  

Booth of C-STAR

   In this exhibition, C-STAR presents a series of creative, smart and environmental-protection products, such as ALUCARD electric self balance scooter, 3D VR glasses and game handle,etc. And our team cooperation and profession are completely showed. So that many visitors from home and abroad stopped to discuss with us. They not only learn products about market, manufacture and trade from workers but also experience the products by themselves at the scene.  Lots of  purchasers from Europe and America are aroused the intention to purchase our ALUCARD electric balance board by its fashion shape, cool style of sport and advanced technology with 

nternet of thing. And the VR glasses also gain much praise with its strong sense of virtual and reality.  

(Client with QEOME VR glasses)

Negotiation with our clients

Experience products

In recent years, with the high pace of development for wearable technology, intelligent internet of things technology and the green concept, consumer electronics have a great innovation and change. For example, the electric self balance scooter is popular in the world in 2015 and the they think 2016 is the first year of VR. In order to keep the same pace with rapid electronic industry, C-STAR who focuses on games equipment almost 20 years uses ALUCARD as a brand to product balance scooter and product VR glasses. C-STAR makes good use of internet plus model to try its best to develop intelligent technology. ALUCARD makes you to say goodbye to the business traffic and is popular with personalized consumption for its cool shape, and it not only can be used for sporting, but also can be a tool to riding instead of walking in the street, airport and golf course and so on.

We are embracing the times of internet of things. C-STAR will catch this opportunity to supply more electronics with sincere and professional service, and makes contribution to creative intelligent technology. C-STAR looks forward to meeting you in HKTDC, and walks further with you side by side.