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Balance Scooter:The Design Of The Work, Designated Driver's New Favorite

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Mar 05, 2017

Nowadays,with the enhancement of peoples’ security awareness,when after a party,they look for a designated driver to home safety.According to relevant reports,as the concept of ”internet” more deeper ,2015,china’s generation of driver application market transaction scale reach 26.9 billion 2016,it reach 5.25billion yuan and 2017 will reach 9.25 billion yuan.

In the face of such a huge market and great potential for generation of driving, balanced scooter after years of precipitation technology, cool design trend, wonderful artical excelling nature, internal manufacture process is rigorous, strives for perfection, the generation of drivers in driving market blue ocean how fast response and complete service, what can I do for reference, today, I as a small copyreader will communication with you to discuss.

In fact, as early as 2004, the service was in Shanghai, but the market demand was not big enough to gradually fade away.With the deepening of the "Internet" concept and the in-depth application of mobile phones, it has injected fresh blood into the industry, and the "generation drive" service, which has been dormant for years, has re-entered the spotlight.

It is understood that its rise during the 2014 world cup for the first time,on 19th June 13-only a week,because of drink driving accept "driving" service will reach about 287640 times, the four key cities in China Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen total accounted for about 78%, if the 0 to 7 points calculating average guest unit price 100 yuan, during the World Cup of network generation drive output has more than one hundred million yuan.

It is great of generation drive market situation,but really exist many inconvenience when generation drive working.for example:when they accept an indent,take some transportation tool arrive destination,still need spent time to look for customer .so a balance scooter easy to carry and short-distance function can solve those problem more easier,Get out of car can ride to save drive’s strengh,can provide service for customer greatly.balance scooter not only easy learn,and have super strong battery life,needn’t to worry about situation of difficult drive and battery.

For people with limited vision at night,the headlights of balance scooter can be well light in front of road,when driving it also have turn light and taillight to Serve as a warning reminder,let drive more safety.during driver working,balance scooter can collect in the trunk of the car for easy portability.