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Balance Scooter Is Failure Before The Fire Or A New Lease Of Life

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Mar 05, 2017

From the moment of birth,electric balance scooter as a new product is positioned The short-term step terms of product attribute it is classified as personal transportation which can also be recognized by many enterprise. Although may be some company because of survival or else course that let it located in toy market,but in the final analysis,how to provide customer a more conveniencefull of interespersonalize shorter distance travel tool still is primary purpose of electric scooter industry.

  The development of a new industry is bound to go through a spiral process, especially in the domestic business environment. In the context of the lack of national supervision mechanism, most of the enterprises in the balance car have started their own business with extensive production and sales. In a simple and even brutal form of running the fragile market, this is the true picture of the industry in its infancy.

 As for how to cultivate and education marketthe establishment of a perfect industry system is not the task at this stage.Because each enterprise is completing its own original accumulation,or profitor brandor technology,”survival first”is the primary goal. 

  Commodity always profit, and industry without regulation, the patent without barriers, technical without threshold,these many factors led to in 2015, set about thousands of enterprises, most of them for a few people's assembly manual mill. This kind of manual mill concentrated in both shenzhen and zhejiang, they rely on a crazy for the cost of materials (especially the battery batteries) compression for price advantage, and is located for the convenience of overseas market to the weak market added a "deficiency fire".

  This has led to a ban on Chinese companies and products in overseas markets. For those who still insist on branding and self-patent, it is no doubt forced to play the role of "back pan". In fact, this phenomenon is not new to us, such as the function phone era.

  When things get to the bottom of the spiral, there is a chance that inertia will give it to climb back up.the end of 2015,Take the lead of GUANGDONG Quality inspection institute,”Guangdong electric balance vehicle industry innovation alliance”come into preparatory stage;Recently,By a America brand aria area agency prepared”Chinese Electric balance alliance”has been set up,those business behavior explain that status of industry must change this no doubt fact,and get to a common view also do it. 

 But for an industry, external help is important. Its own innovation and product iteration ability is the foundation of development.How to Micro-Creativere-creative may be a effective approach in hand product shape and technology which is a standard to test domestic Relevant enterprises own technology.

  2017 may be a water-shed for balance industry,we can foresee,When a large number of speculative enterprises is after the ebb tide, for enterprises in the industry elite to jointly solve the problem is many, the most basic is the balance scooter that should the properties for the tool or turning toy market; How to meet the needs of users' pain points in a balanced car; Independent research and development and sales, after-sales system construction and so on.

  The future of the balance car industry may now be shrouded in a veil, but the combination of intelligence, new energy, and the way people travel can't be stopped. So, there is a lot of confidence in Alucard, looking forward to nirvana in a clean energy smart travel tool industry represented by a balanced vehicle.