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What type of electric balance wheel

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Apr 16, 2018

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What is an electric balance wheel?

Electric balance wheel is a means of transportation relying on electric drive and self-balancing capacity control. Its operating principle is mainly based on a basic principle called “dynamic stability”. It uses the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the car body. To detect changes in the attitude of the car body, and use the servo control system to accurately drive the motor to make corresponding adjustments to maintain system balance.

The cyclist only needs to change his or her body's angle to tilt forward or backward, and the balance car can move forward or backward depending on the direction of the tilt.

Type of electric balance wheel

The current electric balance wheel can be roughly divided into three types: single wheel, two wheels and four wheels. However, the products designed by different manufacturers are various.

The unicycle balance wheel has a surfboard type, a skateboard type, and a pedal type. Skateboard unicycles are generally more difficult than pedals.

The two-wheeled balance vehicle has the handle and the handle, and the handle of the handle is required to adjust the direction, and it is necessary to use the body to perform the adjustment control.

A common type of four-wheeled balance wheel is a skateboard, which generally needs to be used with a remote controller.

The difference between the three types of electric balance wheels is not only the difference in appearance design, but also the most obvious difference in battery capacity and cruising ability. As a consumable item, most electric balance wheels can replace the battery by themselves or install a second battery, but the price of the battery is relatively high.

As for the balance wheel with seat design, it is not recommended to purchase, there will be problems with force sensing, and there is a great potential risk in riding safety.

Riding a balance wheel on the road is a state of high concentration. You need to pay attention to the people and cars around you. Is riding just to relax? Furthermore, the sensitivity of your riding and riding is much different from the sensitivity of standing, and you cannot respond to the surrounding situation in a timely manner.