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What do children need to pay attention to when using scooter products?

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Apr 11, 2018


As a player in the community, in the park, and in shopping malls, a scooter is a must-have item for home excursions. For the baby, it is very easy to use, but when it is not too daring to glide, it directly pushes the handlebars, when the moped can; when you are very skilled, you can also hang a kettle on the handlebar to become a parent. The "with goods" small expert. And most of them can be folded and easily carried.

The key to choosing a scooter is to look at age:


For children under 3 years of age, it is recommended to choose a three-wheel scooter with gravity steering (two front wheels and one rear wheel). It is not easy to roll over and the speed is not too fast.


Babies over 3 years old are more balanced and can choose to use the more flexible three-wheeled scooters (one front wheel, two rear wheels) or directly select the front and rear wheel scooter.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that scooters that do not have a gravity-steering function can be fast if the baby is skilled. Therefore, it is necessary to wear protective gear before riding and route parents to escort them to avoid accidents.