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The origin of Smart Balance Wheel

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Apr 06, 2018

Balance car

Because of traffic, celebrity effects and other reasons, it can be said that the era of balance cars has arrived and it is everywhere on the way to work. But do you really understand the balance car? Or can you name it without seeing it? Here's just to follow author to learn about its origin and classification.

The electric balance car first originated in 2001. In China, we also call it a camera, a car, a thinking car, a balance car, a rover, etc. It is positioned as a means of transportation. Its originator was Segway in the United States. In 2001, it started to develop balance cars. The first prototype cars appeared at the end of the year.

Police balance car

In fact, when Segway released its first car in 2001, it was not used by ordinary users. It was used by some government procurement agencies for escorts. In 2002, Segway began to formally sell to ordinary users and was quickly sought after.

The balance car really entered the country in 2008. The first time it appeared in the public eye was at the 2008 Olympics. Guards patrolled the Segway electric balance car as a means of transportation. After that, it gradually became popular and the figure of a balance car can be seen in certain variety shows or movies. It can be seen everywhere on the street. It is worth mentioning that as the originator of Segway, it has been acquired by Ninebot, a Chinese balance car manufacturer. However, the brand exists independently. After all, it has a large number of supporters.

Student balance car

Before the acquisition, there was a long period of love and hatred between them, because patent issues Segway had sued several Chinese companies including Ninebot, Alway, Easystep, Lele, etc. This is also the most well-known domestic balance car brands. It is said that during the prosecution, Ninebot contacted Segway alone and the following dialogue appeared:

Ninebot: We won't fight the lawsuit. See if there is any chance of cooperation.

Segway: We have a good cooperation? It's not as good as if you spend money to buy our company. We are quite interested.

So the big boss Mr. Rebs behind Nernpo opened his mouth to “buy, buy, buy,” and this business was completed.

Balance car caught fire

The safety issue is currently the biggest problem faced by the balance car. Fire, imbalance and other security issues occur from time to time. At the end of 2015, Amazon took the alleged sale of the Chinese company on the Amazon website, citing product patent infringement and quality issues. Balanced car products, followed by the United States, the second largest retailer Target also stopped selling the balance car. Indeed, the current market for balance cars is too chaotic. There is no safety standard and rampant rampancy. It seems that anyone can join the industry. From 2008, the balance car entered the country and it has been a few short years. According to preliminary statistics, there are currently more than 500 vehicle companies, more than 1,000 accessories companies, and more than 200 electricity suppliers in China.

In 2015 alone, the global sales of balance cars have reached more than 15 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach more than 40 billion yuan in 2016. However, according to the current situation, it would be difficult to achieve this figure. Its sales price is also more magical, the lowest balance car price is only about 500 or even lower, this price of the balance of the car can be no problem? And for the average consumer, this is fatal. They do not understand the balance car, but they are curious to buy a play. This poses a huge security risk.

Alucard Balance Car

At present, there are two types of balance cars: single wheel and double wheel. The unicycle is more playable, has certain requirements for balance ability, and is difficult to master. It is suitable for playing cool. Balanced car enthusiasts usually choose unicycle balancing vehicles to challenge. Domestic representative balance cars, such as Xiaomi and Alucard, have normal domestic prices ranging from RMB 2,000 to RMB 10,000.

Two-wheeled vehicles are relatively easy to use. People with poor balance are good at mastering balance. The two rounds are also divided into many types. There are handles, no handles, no specific names, and they can be arbitrarily distinguished.

There are handle two-wheeled vehicles, often appear in the airport, shopping malls and other places that need patrolling, travel is not convenient, large size is not convenient to carry. However, this kind of balance car is easier to get started, and the safety factor is higher. It has one more electric motor than the single wheel balance car, and the cost is increased a lot. The selling price is mostly around one million yuan.

Some people have also made changes to the two-wheeled handlebars. For example, the No. 9 balance car released by Xiaomi last year was supposed to belong to this type. It will shorten the handle and design it on the knee. The change of head makes it more suitable for travel.

No handle two-wheeled vehicles, also known as twisted cars, easy to carry, can play more tricks, but it has some limitations, the higher the leveling of the road conditions.