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Is electric balance wheel safe?

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: Apr 16, 2018

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It is indeed unsafe for the electric balance wheel to get on the road. Especially after the speed has risen, the braking response time in the event of an emergency is very long. Even if some people have a strong predictive response ability, it is still more difficult to avoid accidents at relatively high speeds. of.

1, the ditch road

Where there is a small pothole, it may take about 85-90 centimeters to stop braking when things start to fail. If the amount of backlash is too large, serious jitter may occur during deceleration. This may be caused by disturbance of the processing logic of the internal balancing component when it encounters a bumpy road.

2, flat road

On relatively flat roads, the braking distance is reduced by 25 cm. It can be seen that the unevenness of the ground on the balance car is still relatively large. And when you go out, even if it is a substitute, you will certainly not drive at a minimum speed. The complexity of the road surface may also be uneven.

3, over the ability

Obvious obstacles are not high, but the two rounds will be carded at the same time. If you are not familiar with people, you will certainly think that you want to fall and choose to abandon the car. The more stable approach is to go sideways for the first time.

The deceleration zone should be the more obstacles encountered on the road. The novice suggested that someone should try to support it. Although the balance car won't get stuck on the speed bump, it still requires some skill. In general, you need to be on the side, but the process is not smooth. Of course, some space will be reserved on the side of the general deceleration zone, but the space in the community may be small and inconvenient.

In some road sections with some small hills uphill, the phenomenon of Caton will still appear during the journey. The balance car cannot predict the force needed to pass the hurdle because the front and rear balance is balanced by the processor and motor of the car. To control, the stability is slightly worse after some irregular grooves, and there are more uncontrollable factors.

The relatively flat slope is not a problem for the balance car, and it is very stable from top to bottom. Therefore, for a balanced car, the flat ground is easier to control and the probability of accidents itself is lower. However, if you are on a daily basis, the road conditions are very complicated and not recommended.

During the indoor test, the colleague made an involuntary turn and the left wheel stuck on the table leg, causing him to hurry up. In a short period of time before his jump, because the balance car judged that the car was leaning forward, the wheels also sped up and left a black tire mark on the carpet. Imagine if it was outside, the speed was faster. People may really "fly" out.