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Development of electric scooters

C-STAR Industrial Limited | Updated: May 10, 2016

Will pull the curtain of October 27, 2014 2014 in Sanya, China (Sanya) Poker Championship and the World Poker Tour China station (hereinafter referred to as the WPT China Cup) continues to heat up, the organizers Lianzhong company news came that the the game re-introduced high-tech products - the United States Coolpeds electric scooters, 2014WPT tournament staff will drive Coolpeds urban transport is for the participants to provide more efficient and quality service. Thousands poker world

Girls will also drive this innovative transport to and from the scene, together with the participants feel a new "technology traffic", in addition to on October 27 Ri 12: 00, Coolpeds will bring a title playoff for 2014WPT add more exciting .